Accelerated Nursing Curriculum

Averett University’s 16-month ABSN program comprises 66 credit hours spread over four, full-time semesters. Our ABSN curriculum covers the foundational nursing knowledge that will prepare you to sit for the NCLEX-RN® licensure exam.

This program consists exclusively of nursing courses, totaling 66 credits:

SemesterCourseCourse TitleCredits
INUR 210Client-Centered Care: Introduction4
INUR 210Client-Centered Care: Introduction Practicum1
INUR 211Health Assessment with Lab2
INUR 216Improving Patient Outcomes3
INUR 330Global Health Perspectives3
INUR 438Ethics for Health Sciences3
IINUR 213Clinical Management of Disease I3
IINUR 215Client-Centered Care Adult I3
IINUR 215Client-Centered Care Adult I Practicum2
IINUR 329Evidence-Based Practice3
IINUR 439Client-Centered Care: Public Health3
IINUR 439Client-Centered Care: Public Health Practicum2
IIINUR 325Client-Centered Care: Adult II3
IIINUR 325Client-Centered Care: Adult II Practicum2
IIINUR 326Clinical Management of Disease II3
IIINUR 327Client-Centered Care: Mental Health3
IIINUR 327Client-Centered Care: Mental Health Practicum1
IIINUR 328Client-Centered Care: Maternal & Child4
IIINUR 328Client-Centered Care: Maternal & Child Practicum1
IVNUR 214Contemporary Issues in Health Care3
IVNUR 440Health Care Economics2
IVNUR 441Client-Centered Care: Complex Health Problems3
IVNUR 441Client-Centered Care: Complex Health Problems Practicum2
IVNUR 442Transition into Practice I3
IVNUR 442Transition into Practice I Practicum2
IVNUR 443Transition into Practice II2

Total Credits: 66

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