Online ABSN Coursework

As a student enrolled in the Averett University Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program, you’ll complete the nursing theory component of our curriculum online through our intuitive e-Learning platform.

Not only does online accelerated nursing coursework offer another level of accessibility to our ABSN program — it provides the option of completing your nursing assignments when and where it’s best for you, and helps you develop study habits that will serve you well for the rest of your nursing career.

That’s not to say you’ll complete your ABSN coursework 100 percent online — nursing is a hands-on profession, after all.

While the program is online-based, you still must attend labs at our learning center and clinical rotations at top health care facilities around Norfolk and Hampton Roads.

It’s also important to note that while you’ll have some latitude over when you log on to review course material and submit assignments, you’ll be completing your online accelerated nursing coursework in real time. That means you’ll still have deadlines and in-person proctored exams, which you’ll be responsible for taking at the Averett University Norfolk ABSN learning center.

Online Learning Experience

Averett ABSN student using laptop

Our intuitive e-Learning platform serves as the home base for the online nursing theory coursework portion of our program. Split into modules for each course, it features many user-friendly components designed to streamline your nursing studies:

  • Real-time video conferences, chat sessions and discussion forums that allow you to interact with fellow students and instructors.
  • Syllabi, due dates and assignments that are easily accessible in a dedicated course information section for you to review as often as you need.
  • Various forms of interactive media such as video and task-based interactive simulations featuring comprehensive images and 3D graphics to reinforce nursing concepts.

Benefits of Online Learning

Top instructional designers developed the online learning component of the Averett ABSN program to be on par with the rigor and quality of classroom-based nursing theory coursework. You’ll be learning the same nursing concepts covered in a traditional BSN program — the primary differences are in delivery method and the abbreviated timeframe it takes to complete. In fact, in some ways online learning can be even more beneficial to your comprehension of nursing concepts, no matter your preferred style of learning.

While traditional educational tools such as reading and quizzes are part of the Averett ABSN curriculum, innovative elements, such as interactive patient-care scenarios and dynamic 3D models of bodily processes, enhance learners’ ability to recall the material.


Just because you won’t necessarily see your classmates and instructors every day, you can still expect to stay in close communication and have access to support resources whenever you need them. You can always reach out to your nursing instructors by phone, email, text or through in-person or virtual office hours, while you’ll be in touch with classmates during labs, clinicals and virtually via online coursework discussions.

Also, should you require any technical assistance accessing anything in the e-Learning platform, our platform support team is here to help.

Contact us to learn more about the online learning component of our accelerated nursing program.

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