Alternative Nursing Careers Outside the Hospital

Registered nurses accounted for 3.8 million jobs in 2018, and most of them worked in hospitals, physicians’ offices or outpatient facilities. But if none of those work environments appeals to you, rest assured your BSN qualifies you for countless other nursing career paths in non-traditional settings.

Alternative nursing careers outside the hospital available to BSN-educated nurses include the following:

  • Legal nurse consultant
  • Forensics nurse
  • Clinical nurse educator
  • Informatics nurse
  • Telehealth nurse
  • Nurse life-care planner
Averett ABSN student standing in front of university wall sign

Even within the four walls of a hospital setting, you still have varied career options in the form of myriad specializations, including intensive care, emergency room, labor and delivery, pediatrics, geriatrics, medical-surgical nursing and more. As an Averett ABSN student, you can expect to “try on” some of these specializations during your clinical rotations.

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