Admissions Process for the Averett University ABSN Program

Applying to the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program at Averett University involves a four-step admissions process.

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Step 1: Speak With an Admissions Counselor.

The first step begins as soon as you complete the form to have one of our dedicated admissions counselors contact you. This person will reach out to schedule an initial phone conversation to gauge your eligibility for our program and will serve as your main point of contact throughout the admissions process.

This first call isn’t a nursing school interview, as our admissions counselors do not grant acceptance into our program. Rather, it’s a chance for your counselor to learn more about you and your interest in the program. He or she will likely ask you about your interest in nursing, previous academic experiences, career goals and more.

Once it’s determined you’re a good fit for the Averett ABSN program, your admissions counselor will ask you to send copies of your unofficial undergraduate transcripts, which leads to the next step of the ABSN admissions process:

Step 2: Make an Academic Plan.

After reviewing your unofficial transcripts, your admissions counselor will follow up with you to develop a personalized academic plan that targets a start date for enrolling in our ABSN program. He or she will help you identify any outstanding program requirements you may need to fulfill, which might involve taking ABSN prerequisites, depending on your previous degree or academic experience.

Step 3: Complete Any Needed ABSN Prerequisites.

No prior health care experience is necessary to apply to our ABSN program, but there are academic requirements to fulfill before you can qualify for enrollment. Your admissions counselor will guide you in determining which, if any, prerequisite courses you need to take, enrolling for those courses and staying on track to complete them within our specified grade requirements on a timeline that aligns with your target start date.

To help you simplify this step in the admissions process, most of these courses are available fully online through Averett University on the same learning management system you’ll use to complete your nursing theory courses in the ABSN program.

Step 4: Apply to Accelerated Nursing School.

Once the first three steps are complete and you have the green light from your admissions counselor, it’s time to apply. Be sure to submit your application with any necessary documentation. Your admissions counselor can walk you through this step if you have any questions about exactly what is needed.

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